Set up and IT

All you need to access imoves.com is a computer running Windows or Mac OSX and a modern web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 10+. You can also use imoves.com on your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or phone.

We use a secure platform called Vimeo to store our movies.  Some schools may bar access to online video sites.

If your school's IT manager has blocked access you will need them to allow access to Vimeo.com. 

In order to access imoves.com teaching resources, your school will require access to vimeo.com. The imoves.com online resources are accessed via https://imoves.com/ a secure site with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification and specifically needs access to the media player https://player.vimeo.com and all child directories of this URL. 

User permissions are not required or essential to accessing the resources, although some LEAs and/or schools may want them.

If permissions are required, imoves.com advises that Schools can prevent pupils from accessing the Vimeo Media Player by setting up permissions for user accounts within school settings. Ideally teachers will have access to a less restrictive account with selected approved sites that enable teachers to view teaching resources (unblocked) e.g. Vimeo. The pupils' permissions will have a limited access to the systems or programmes approved by the school or LEA. This can be carried out by your IT expert.

If your IT is covered by your LEA and permissions are required, you might word your question as follows:

Please generate permissions within our system to allow specific sites for https://imoves.com/ and https://player.vimeo.com teaching resources for our teaching staff only.

Yes, you will need a broadband internet connection with download speeds of at least 5Mb/s. You can find out your download speed here.

If you have any problems accessing your resources please click on Tech Support at techsupport@imoves.com. 

You need to ensure you can access vimeo.com to view the videos. If you are having difficulty viewing imoves.com films please check with your IT manager that your school has not blocked access to external video content.  See question on not be able to access movies.  

Unfortunately no, all our resources are available through the online platfrom and are easy to use from online sources. 

You will be able to download and print off lesson plans and flashcards but movies and music are all streamed.  

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Lesson or activity questions

If you have any questions about the activities or lessons do get in touch. Please send your details, your email and phone number and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.Contact imoves enquries@imoves.com

Technical support questions

If you have any questions about the IT requirements of imoves.com do get in touch. Please send your details, your email and phone number and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.Contact Tech Support: techsupport@imoves.com